MANIFESTO – Relationship between the Earth and the HUMAN BEING

Relationship between the Earth and the HUMAN BEING

The Earth is our mother earth, our cradle and home, the planet that provides life and protection even within the cruel circumstances of the UNIVERSE which is also maybe the only celestial body of the Solar system or the entire observable SPACE of several light-years.

This special planet has been orbiting for billions of years around our central star, the Sun, together with the other planets. Regarding the Sun we are aware that it is a star that can emanate radiate its own energy, it is a nuclear plan functioning according to the fusion principle where hydrogen atomic nuclei are unifying into helium nuclei, and in the meantime a huge quantity of heat, light and other energy get formed. The Sun is sustaining the Earth with its gravitational orbiting, its heat, its light and their many other physical and bio-chemical impacts. It is due to the Sun that the conditions of life appeared in the period of the Earth’s development (water, oxygen-rich air, sunshine, normal temperature) and the germ of life could be born which is the result of the sophisticated bio-chemical and physical organic co-operations. Then according to the rules of EVOLUTION the today’s wonderful multi-face fauna and flora appeared slowly and the top achievement of this development consists of the “crown of creation”, the HUMAN BEING who has made a rather long trip until the former primate wild man became the today’s erected – and having back problems – civilised, reasonable, super-intelligent creature. It can be considered as the fantastic achievement of EVOLUTION that this „wonder-creation” – emerging from the sea of living life – established its remarkable and multilateral culture. With so much success the outsider might think that this clever creature has finally established its peaceful, safe and comfortable human living space on this wonderful planet.

But this is not true!

The reality shown that billions of our human peers are in poverty, they are starving and live in war-tension, hatred or are in the shaded by fanatically extremist cultures.

The current top communication technique may bring the continents into discussion proximity, but unfortunately life is not safe, is not peaceful, democratic and comfortable here on the Earth. This can be explained by the fact that despite the wonderful phys9ical, mental and other skills of the Homo Sapiens he abused his possibilities and – with some exceptions –after the historical decomposition of the ANCIENT COMMUNITIES and equal societies this formerly community and solidarity being began to behave like a selfish and predatory beast that lost its human judgement. The wealth-related differences have appeared, so has the lord-servant relationship that was not known earlier. The search for enemies is still killing, destroying, aims at richness and power, exploits, feeds hatred, there is social decay, masses are massacring during the wars. The only objective is to get richer that is achieved through immense greed, corruption and financial-economic manipulation.

Unfortunately the „crown of creation” does not spare his own natural environment, either. The destruction of the environment started with the appearance of the steam-machine and the steam-engine after we had polluted the atmosphere for more 100 years with the instruments that emitted horrible fumes and CO2 even if they were considered the top technique of the period. After the civilised world switched to the electric traction and in the power plants they use natural gas instead of carbon at an increasing number of places, and the vehicles, ships and airplanes are also using TPH (total petrol hydrocarbon) or natural gas, in this way they still pollute the atmosphere less spectacularly but at an increasing pace with the CO2 and the greenhouse effect is destroying cruelly the environmental climate.

The human “SENSE” is shadowed by the momentary benefit, comfort, that is the “crown of creation” wants to drive strongly polluting and oversized vehicles only, or as long as the oil, carbon and natural gas still exist, no other environment-friendly solutions can be considered. He is ruthless in polluting the soil, the waters, atmosphere, he is deforestation, kills the indigenous animals, is wasting energy, potable water, he is getting overpopulated, gets lazy, obese, his immune system is weakening, feeds hatred, becomes the victim of the unchained violence and the mass-destructive arms and serial natural disasters because of the above-mentioned negative factors we are speeding unstopped, almost accelerating toward our fate. The experts forecast 50 years for this, if we do not make immediate radical steps.

The following facts prove the arrival of the general catastrophe:

  1. The natural climate is going to collapse soon which is caused by the general warming-up caused by the greenhouse effect of the intensive CO2 emission. The result: the quick melting of the glaciers if the polar ice-fields and the mountains that are not reflecting the sunshine, in this way the oceans are absorbing more heat, the desiccation because of the heat, the frequent and catastrophic forest fires, the expected change of the atmospheric and sea streams, that is causing unprecedented damages to the oceans’ flora and fauna (the algae may stop producing oxygen), the oceanic water will raise, the unpredictable atmospheric catastrophes, tornados and the extreme temperature changes will appear.

The general warming up sends a lot of vapour into the atmosphere which involves rain and flood that have not been experienced so far.

These fatal and murderous impacts, among them the sudden increase of the UV radiation caused by the enlarging ozone holes caused by the harmful CO2 are minimising the living conditions in a few decades (max. 50 years) and the human and other organisations can’t get adjusted to this within such a short time, nor can they defend. Even if there are professional opinions saying that it has no grounds to fear from the nearing collapse of the natural climate, because this quick warming-up is showing the last phase of the last cyclical ice-age of the Earth, and this is not caused by the excessive CO2 emission.

If only this theory were true, but it is incorrect yet because there is need for many thousands of years in the Earth’s history to encounter a new ice-age. On the contrary the current warming-up takes place in a few decades which is rather alarming.

  1. In addition the Homo Sapiens is also able to cause another world war through permanent hatred, false philosophical ideas, the extremist manipulation of the fanatic crowds, terrorism, ethnic, religious, area-gaining, political or economic motives (there are a lot of them) that with the modern nuclear, chemical and biological mass-destruction weaponry can exterminate or permanently infect the major part of the HUMAN KIND.
  2. The excessive reproduction of the human kind is also an own goal and due to the lack of sufficient food and water it can starve to death. Currently the population of the earth is more than 7 billion, but experts forecast it can reach even 9 billion by 2030, while the number of people demanding comfort is increasing. Considering the ancient Rome the population of the earth doubled in 1500 years. Now the population doubled in 40 years. According to the statistics 10 million people are dying annually because of lack of food and two billion are continuously starving. This horrible situation is going to worsen because the production of food can’t keep pace, since due to the global warming-up the desiccation of the Earth is getting faster, the stock of potable and irrigation water is disappearing. For example if the Himalaya mountains are losing their glaciers, then the neighbouring countries will run out of freshwater. If the people living at this low living standard are not satisfied with the daily „one handful of rice” then there will be serious supply problems.


The consumption and the energy demand of the increased population are also increasing which is going to pollute the atmosphere and destroy the climate even more than the plants with the fuels of traditional fossil origin. The picture is very sad if we just think of the fact that at least 50%  of the earth’s electric energy stock is still produced in power plants with traditional carbon fuels (this is characteristic to the super powers mostly).

Due to the fast development of the technical civilisation (automation, robot-technique, huge agricultural machinery controlled from satellites) the living workforce will be needed less in the future in the industry, agriculture, trade, services and other areas, and this might make 80% of the HUMAN KIND unemployed and poor who are needing comfort, have no wealth and live on salaries and work. This is called the technological unemployment.

The higher education (if there is money for it) may ameliorate this, but is not solving the problem of the overpopulated regions. The HUMANKIND needs children and offspring since they are the guarantee of our future, but in the regions where the basic hygiene is lacking or is under the minimum level, and two billion people live starving, it is not reasonable and even a crime to have too many children. In these regions 16 thousand children are dying daily due to starvation, unhealthy water, epidemics and other causes that can be prevented. This unfortunate situation is going to be ameliorated – with success – by the support of the UNICEF and other worldly and church aid-organisations as well as private and the private donators. Such childhood is not worthy, it is humiliating, mostly when these regions do not provide guarantee for learning and working. In this way the miserable, futureless, cruel living conditions are inherited through the generations, they become “normal” together with the lack of comfort and the basic hygiene.

It is very strange and shameful that in the 21st century, in the age of technical civilisation and „culture” there still are starving and poor masses. And not only in the developing countries!

The dreamers of the current civilisations used to forecast that in the future machines will be working instead of the people and this will be wonderful. The future has come but where is the wonderful life? The greed of many rich employers and businessmen keeps increasing the same way as the poverty of the exploited and defenceless employees. If we consider also the ageing society together with the increasing unemployment then the picture is even worse. Since at the beginning of the 19th century the life expectancy was 30 years, now it is 70 years which means that we are going to work more actively when we are old, and less young people will have working opportunities. That is why it would be a reasonable and human solution if in the overpopulated and poor regions the number of children in a family (couple) would be 2 or 3. Those who consider the children as divine blessing this might seem to be a guilty solution. But if we want to protect our offspring and the future generations at least partially from famine and poverty then we have to give up the exaggerated divine gift because there is no other solution!

It is inhuman to either legally prescribe the decrease of the reproduction or restrict it. The results can be achieved only through utmost teaching, persuading and educating work, with contraceptives or an aiding technique that do not urge the people to have more than 2-3 children. The abortion is usually considered homicide, except when there is need life-saving or other justified intervention. In order to avoid this the other forms of defence need to be applied more intensively.

We hope that by civilising the underdeveloped and overpopulated regions the need for more comfort will result in wanting less children. This can also be improved by extending the women’s rights and they can obtain the contraceptives, too.


Since by becoming smarter the reproduction indicator gets decreasing and less people are born. There are good examples: China, Spain, Italy or Columbia where the number of children decreased significantly in the past decades.

  1. The starving and unemployed masses suffering in the poor and war-regions are forced to emigrate which is burdening the receiving countries but if they remain at t home, they may revolt and sweep away the actual societal system, that may cause anarchy, civil war and fatal destruction.
  2. The Homo sapiens used to its bad habits, living a lazy life and inhaling the exhaust gases, poisoned with detergents, agricultural sprays, preservatives, saturated with medication and stress and unable to tolerate will have a weakened immune system, will be prone to various diseases, becomes an inferior creature and this will be the beginning of the end.

Maybe the several other civilisations of the UNIVERSE travelled the same path until their own self-destruction? Maybe that’s why we do not get signals from a distance of 50 light-years because they had already destroyed themselves from the moment when the cosmic radioing was invented. If we add another 50 years before the forecasted catastrophe of the Earth to the 50 years of our cosmic radio-signalling during which we performed intensive arming and hatred politics and disastrous climate destruction then we get the supposed „critical 100 years“. Two cosmic civilisations can get in contact if their „critic 100 years” are coinciding. And the chance is rather small: one to ten million because compared to the one billion years (109) considered form the appearance of life till the current development level the supposed „critical 100 years” (102 years) results in a probability of 102 / 109 = 1/107 = one to ten million. We hope that this catastrophe threatening in 50 years will not take place, but only if – if it is still not late – immediately slow down and – if it is possible – stop the self-destructive pro-cesses in such a way that:

  1. a) We prevent the total collapse of the natural climate or we at least slow it down with the following means:

–   The (carbon-fuelled) greenhouse effect-causing CO2 emitting power plants should be switched immediately to operate on natural gas (this emits half CO2 at identical output).

–   The power plants operating on natural gas should be changed gradually with atomic plants that operate on fusion principle.

–   The vehicles (public road, water and air) should be switched immediately from the traditional oil-products to natural gas, diesel gas (DFS) or biogas then in the future to hydrogen (this does not emit harmful combustion products) and to electric drive. Another green solution would consist of the driving of the vehicles with compressed air. This pneumatic method is functioning successfully in India and several other countries. This extremely useful climate-sparing car was developed by the FORMULA-1 engineer, GUY NÉGRE and it is being manufactured by the Indian TATA company under the name of AIR CAR. The new structure is absolutely environment-friendly because it is emitting air, it is economical because its operation costs less than one quarter of the price of the traditional fuel, it can reach 110 km/hour and with one “filling” it can travel 200 km. It is possible to fill up its air-tank even in a few hours at home with a small compressor, but it takes only a few minutes at the road-side stations when using the huge containers. These air-filling stations can be operated alternatively, with the air-plants or solar panels placed along the public roads.

I think the pneumatics could be applied for the driving of buses and motorcycles, with the piston or air-turbine-based motors.


It is unbearable to see that 90% of the huge cars operated on the traditional gasoline or diesel have only one passenger, they are polluting the air and occupying a significant part of the road. They not only destroy the natural climate but the exhaust gases increase the pollution of the cities’ smog level and weaken the immune system of the people living there. That is why it is important to have small and light cars of 2-3 passengers for the short distances and the city traffic that operate on electricity or compressed air. The development and utilisation of the drones and the driver-free vehicles was a spectacular technical attraction but in my opinion it is more important and critical to replace our vehicles’ climate-killing oil-fuels with the less polluting natural gas, then finally with the ideal hydrogen. In addition the already proved and functioning electric and pneumatic drive should be extended to the traffic out of towns.

–   The household (communal) and other heating, cooking and water warming should be switched from the traditional carbon- and wood burning to the cheapest natural gas, and later on in the age of the fusion-based power plants to the electric energy.

–   Immediately ban the deforestation with heating purpose and trying to heat with the above-mentioned cheaper gas and apply a thick heat insulation of the façade.

–   The alternative “green” solutions should be applied more boldly: solar panels and collectors, wind-plants (turbines, wheels), water energy, thermal heat, etc.

–   The population (mostly the city dwellers) should get accustomed to the protection of nature, and properly handle the communal and other garbage.

–   The population should be educated on saving: regarding the energy, water, various materials, time and the unjustified utilisation of the vehicles.


  1. We prevent the world1s financial-economic collapse by strictly controlling the international money traffic, the credit conditions and other processes and by severely punishing the corruption.
  2. We are preventing the outbreak of a new fatal world war in such a way that we keep fighting against the eruption of any war conflict that is fed by the arms-producing business people, political, fanatic, religious or other interests.

The main objective: general destruction of the mass-destructive weaponry. This should not be restricted to the nuclear, chemical and biological weaponry but to every traditional high-performance weapon with war objectives. In addition one should ban all the production of arms that serve for business purposes and aggression, except for the manufacturing of the traditional arms for the UN’s peace corps.

  1. d) We prevent the societal explosions and tensions caused by the unjust distribution of the material assets. In this area we should copy the social system of the Scandinavian countries – mostly Denmark.

It would be a more just distribution if:

  • the employers are urged to pay more human salaries,
  • multi-tiered tax system that is favourable for the poor layers,
  • the wealth-tax was be higher,

–   the monies deriving from the taxes were used for social support, etc.

  1. e) We prevent the general decomposition of the HUMANKIND:

–   at moral, aesthetic, emotional and physical level,


–   against the harmful consequences of drugs, alcohol, nicotine and violence, through education, teaching and by abiding the law,

–   we protect the HUMANKIND against hatred and the dividing opportunist people,

–   against the poverty caused by the overpopulation.

Besides the self- and environment destruction of the HUMANKIND there are other close risk sources that need more attention and concentrate here the material and human resources used for searching the distant regions of the SPACE. These are as follows:

  1. The solar outbreaks, solar winds and storms that appear unexpectedly and may cause gigantic damages in the indispensable electric and communication supply. We can’t prevent the solar outbreaks but we can reduce their killing impacts, if we supply the endangered transformer stations, regions or high-scale consumers with spare power generators. It is important that during the catastrophe these devices get started immediately, and it is more important that the turbines of the power plants operate with environment-protecting energy source (e.g. hydrogen) or at least natural gas.
  2. The earthquakes that are caused by the permanent motion and bumping of the underground layers. Through more intense research and more accurate forecast the endangered regions can encounter less destruction caused by the earthquake-related tsunamis that demand lot of lives. The material damages can be reduced in such a way that the buildings constructed in such places are statically earthquake safe and (are not too high). The static safety and the tsunami-free place is especially related to the atomic power plants (we are not constructing at the seaside).
  3. Performing intensive study of the forming and route of hurricanes, tornados and predict them in time.
    If there is little time for the evacuation then the most effective protection would consists of having underground bunkers outside every residential building.
  4. Performing more intensive research of the destroying meteors coming from SPACE, and we can’t divert them with the modern technical devices, then we have to evacuate in time the region where it is expected to hit.

We know that the quick and radical interventions in order to avoid the fatal catastrophe are demanding huge sacrifice from everybody, but this is the price of our sure future.

Those who do not take his seriously, are deliberately endangering the existence of the future generations and they should be accused on crime against HUMANITY.

source: various bibliography, magazines,                                           SÁNDOR PETRIK

and written and electronic media                             energetics expert, engineer-lecturer


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